Its got to be easer to buy Musicoin for this to succeed..

The only way I can see Musicoin gaining enough momentum and volume of listeners is for instant payments from Fiat currency. I’m a musician, so have very limited ideas of how this would be done.
However there is NO WAY the average music fan is going to engage with Crypto exchanges and wallets in order to stream music. And the market for Crypto users looking for music streaming is TINY!
Its got to be super-easy to buy Musicoin.
As Spotify gain more and more bad press about their unfair deals with artists (inevitable), this platform could be in a great USP position in allowing Music makers to genuinely get paid properly. I’m really excited about the blockchain’s potential for this, but great platforms like this need to find a way to reach out into the wider market.

Lmao… I can tell you know very little about the blockchain technology

The Dark Lord deleted his post, but he was Lhao about my lack of Blockchain knowledge. I just wanted to reiterate that that is the whole point; if you have to be an expert to use this platform it will be nothing but tumbleweeds in 12 months.

@daniel-berridge Lol. All that forum fighting aside, I’m not on a fan account and can probably find this in the help section but how do fans give tips after the initial play, and for that matter is the MC created on it’s own from the play itself?

im saying that the proccess to seel and buy musicoins need to be easier about some time…but i think the developes have many features to develop…and they are doing…they know that musicians are not too familiar with technology (have some exceptions), so they will make it more easiar, i think they have many issues to hang with…like i said before.

Yeah i realise i was being a asshole i apologise indeed. Love!

I agree with @Daniel-Berridge but we need the market to dictate the price otherwise miners like me will never get profitable… Maybe the platform should sell $M at market price while investors and traders speculate on the price. It will drastically increase liquidity while still gain in value, but we need more features in order to make $Music attractive to the everyday people.

Keep in mind this is Musicoin Beta, it still has a ways to go no matter how you look at it, that’s why there’s an ideas section here in the forum.

@hydro-hellsing Musicoin “corporate” has a bank of MC it uses to cover the cost of “free” plays is my understanding of how it works. Definitely check out the white papers to learn more about how this works and where the dev team sees MC growing in the future.

@jay-mathes-0 Thanks, I was also wondering what the papers were too, I didn’t realize they were info guides and such.

Listener dont have neccessarily have to handle with all the crypto.
You could eg. sell a pro abo for a month together with 300 musicoins to tip to.
Basic listening -> (no registration, but restrictions,eg no skipping)
Registered users ->(no restriction on plays,1 playlist, community activities (eg comments, likes))
Prouser -> 5$ a month (Editable Userprofile, 4$ worth of mc to their webprofile)
You could sell coupons for a monthly pro membership

its very hard to go up in the price with free platform and 1,5 mil daily mined its huge inflation /45 mil monthly!/. Hope ice age will come soon. Music must be interesting not only for musicians but also for investors and traders! how to hold on long term if you are constantly on zero or minus.

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The developers need to work on a BTC/MUSIC exchange widget for the top right of the page. But I suspect they will stick to MC to try and develop the coins value/network…
Sure I’d like to earn MC, but won’t be exploring further (as an artist) until I’m confident there would be enough volume of actual people listening to the music.

If I’ve got this back to front, someone please, (politely) let me know where I’m going wrong!!

@daniel-berridge I think they do intend to have a direct MC to exchange in the future, they just haven’t sorted all that out, I may be wrong on that. But the listeners for now come from self promotion.

When they fix the embedding for Facebook is when you can generate a decent amount of listeners through groups so people can listen without leaving the site, the Twitter embed player works right now though so you can promote easily with that and hash tags.

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