still waiting for verification since some weeks

Same! Did you get a first initial email saying you needed to link more accounts? I did and since then I have but still, nada.


Self Suffice

Yes, everything went good for me & I was telling friends (live) how smooth everything worked and then I got the message that my uploaded track would take about 2 mins.

So I made small talk with them while waiting…

Then i started explaining how blockchain needed to be mined, and proof of work takes time, etc. and told them I’ll follow up tomorrow.

I also made sure to link fb AND twitter for extra verification.

Now one day later

  1. My song isn’t uploaded
  2. I’m not verified

Do mp3s need to be a certain bitrate?

Is there a page that shows current average music upload time?

Is there a page that shows current new artist verification time?

Thank you

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@brandxn-bell nope i never got an email only a message on the song i uploaded but i have linked my facebook page and nothing happened.
also since opening this thread no answer.

I also have been waiting some months for the verification but been tipped over 1300 musicians and still cannot get verified I’m highly disappointed about this and thinking should I delete and redo my account, did anyone here ever get verified?

Uploaded a track yesterday, wanted to add more but it is saying that it needs to be verified first in order to upload more. I was hyped yesterday, and waiting about 24 hours now. Kinda doubting a bit about this whole thing :S

gonna look into this best i can for yall. You must understand, early adopter phase, beta platform, there are still many kinks to iron out in this process. if you are attempting to get verified ON musicoin NOW, consider yourself WAYYYY ahead of the curve. again, ill ask around see if i can get yall some answers.

@bigchuda-general I am verified. check profile with link below.

@brandxn-bell I had all the links needed and nothing

@brandxn-bell but I sent a email to them so I am seeing if that helps the process now

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