Hi everyone!

We are a small indie label from Copenhagen, Denmark. Having a interest for cryptocurrencies and the space in general it seemed like a good idea to upload our catalog to Musicoin. Slowly, but surely, we will be adding new songs daily.
Anyways, we are super excited to be a part of this as it’s still in it infancy, and we are eager awaiting updates to the platform.

Personally I think that to give listeners incentives to adopt the platform we need to have some sort of curation awards system. It’s not enough for it to be free, we have to give Musicoins to active listeners who want to participate in the community by making playlists and promoting them etc.

We will be thinking about ways to get listeners onboard but we also would like to hear any suggestions? Windowing seems to be an option - like releasing an album on the platform a day or two before anywhere else. But it’s also these kinds of moves that average fans sees as a turn-off - just look at Apple/U2 or Tidal/Jay-Z etc.

Anyway suggestions are welcome.

Checkout our music here if you’d like!