Musicoin should have no music genres

I find the idea of labeling music within genres completely unrewarding and negative in many ways. Ive seen comments about a lack of genre types available for labeling and suggestions for more, but I’d like to propose the opposite.

I can understand the argument for possibly labeling music by instrumental, computer/electronic from synthesized means, computer electronic from acoustic means, computer/electronic from acoustic and synthesized means, all with or without voice possibly as well. Yet I in no way think music should be categorized by anything regarding style for many reasons which I can speak to in more depth within this thread.

I think this is also very much inline with what musicoin and other new crypto music platforms strive for.

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@andrew-trovato, music genres are the clues, so they are very useful indeed.

@andrew-trovato As somebody who listens to most genres imaginable, I would find it very frustrating to have to skip through tens of songs just to find one that fits nicely with my mood at that time. Genres are useful in that it makes it easier for me as a music lover to discover new artists, and it’s also helpful for artists to target potential fans.

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@madalina_dancus @NoHealer , I wish to explore further here my point and respond to your comments. Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read and respond at all, For that you have my gratitude. Now onwards, I’d say mood and genre have no relation, or at least they shouldnt. Can’t most genres, a human construct (not real) explore and express many moods? Then maybe music could be categorized by mood and what we could find under love could be anything from-
Mahlers 5th symphonie mov 4 Which he wrote for his love
To a beatles song of love to a cheap cheap pop song. But wouldnt this be such a shame? Lumping in such music all together in a “love” mood. And wouldn’t it be unfortunate for our friend Mahler to have a part of a greater work removed and placed in this category, completely neglecting the other movements that dont fit in the love genre?

I ask of you Madalina, dont you have a large library of music either in mind or file that you already know for when you need to satisfy a particular mood that you can utilize? When you explore should you not be completely open and ready for whatever may come, and have the endurance to explore an unfiltered free world that may throw at you any piece at anytime? Dont you feel the fear of what happens when consumers easily eat up what is presented to them as this or that?

Music is free, someone who makes music should also be as free as they can, uninfluenced by genres, becoming a mimesis of a mimesis of a rock musician and so on. And in turn the listener should also be as free as possible in regards to freeness and openness when listening. Yet once categories and constructs are applied to define works as something plastic we doom ourselves. It is akin to the word tree, we call all trees trees and we begin to lose the ability to see the difference between each tree. And shouldnt we ask ourselves about the quality of these artists that wish to call themselves musicians of a certain genre? These people who wish to stay in such a small world, who become the mimesis of the mimeses. How uncreative these people are! yet how well they sell to the consumer giving them what they want, a mimesis of something that is comfortable to them.

But is that truly the job of the creative to give the consumers what they want, an easily digestible photo copy, losing its color little by little after each print? I must say this is not our role. But how difficult it is to strive for something more than this! How much work and effort goes in to pulling ourselves away from all that had been just enough to give a glimpse of what is yet to come. And how ironic that this comes from looking at as much of what has come before in order to try to achieve some liberation from it. And how difficult it becomes for the listener to understand truly what it is they are listening to, clouded by the shackles of “genre”.

What is “classical” music? Hundreds of years of music under one genre? Yet Beethoven is so much different than Mozart. Early, middle, and late Beethoven are all so different from eachother. Each piece in itself is different! Yet we label it the same? Is this the truth behind what it is then? Im sorry if I digress there is just so much to say on this whole matter and without the structure of opposing points to help lead the way it happens. I will stop here for now before that goes any further haha. I hope for further response.

Keep listening! But ask yourself are you truly doing that? How each day I realize more and more how I’ve never truly listened. 🙂


Sometimes I want to listen music that’s distorted guitars, bass, drums and an angry man shouting at me. Sometimes I want to listen to music that’s a synthesised beat put through different electronic rack effects. Sometimes I want to listen to music that is a room full of academics who have practiced traditional instruments, and are performing the same way they have been played for hundreds of years. How would I find what I’m looking for without genres?

Similarly as an artist, how would I target an audience that is likely to enjoy the music I make without genres? Nobody makes music in a vacuum, everyone has some influences, genres are an easy way of hinting at those influences.

Nobody should limit what they listen to by genre, but they are a useful tool for categorising music, if you remember that they are continuous (i.e. not discrete) categories.

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