Who remembers 'Groups' on SoundCloud?

Groups on SC were user-generated and user-moderated and had themes that were very broad or very narrow and everywhere in between. You could add your own tracks to groups to allow others to find them. Some were very active and others… weren’t. For multi-genre bands such as ourselves they were fantastic. 😁

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have something like that again here? It was a shame that the ‘groups’ feature was discontined as it was a great way to discover wonderful new music and network with likeminded creative souls. 🤗

Further thoughts, suggestions and ideas on this topic welcome. 🤔

On the day they disabled the groups, I wrote a furious message to soundcloud support. That was the way to get discovered. And they just disabled it…without any reason.

I loved the soundcloud group function. I don’t know what grinded their gear to put that function down…it was the best thing in the world. literally live genre-feeds if you want.

I would love to have this here.

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