Paying per play

When people ask - What if 1$MUSIC will cost $1? - I link tham to 17-18 pages of White paper 2.0

But, today 1 $MUSIC is more than 10 cents and musicians still get 1 $MUSIC per play

So, I go crazy, is it bug of site design or it’s bug of system?

Pls, answer me, I cannot sleep

@metkraming enjoy the moment dude, relax.
I think there is no system in place right now, that does the auto adjustment. So they would have to do it by hand. If so, they are probably watching the course closely and see where it stabilizes. The adjustment will come soon enough, if we won’t drop below 10 cents anymore.

I think they know what they’re doing. they forecast a $Music at 100$ in their white paper but like @Neon-Insect said I think they are just waiting to see if the market stick to 0.10$. Best

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