As a newbie today I thought it might be of value to note a quick couple of things I found a little unusual here in the forum and perhaps could be looked at, only as a way to improve traffic return that is all, they are not criticisms as such.

  1. Most site forums seem to have a tab available to go check on your own posts/comments/replies etc in a list. I don’t see that here and if it is I apologise as it in not obvious to me. edit (found it:))
  2. I found myself after clicking to get here wanting to click to get back out of the forum straight back to the real “Home Page” out of the forum. At the moment that would be each individuals feed page or discover home page) I think there should be an obvious way to do this and I don’t see one. Just some early thoughts on experience.
  3. I found the response/lag time during some processes to be pretty lengthy compared to other sites.
    Just some initial thoughts on things that perhaps could be worked on from an average user experience perspective.
    Happy to be aboard and love the concept. Hope it takes off!
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