Comfortable exchange

I am much interested in:
Have you any distant plan in creation better exchanging platform save Bitrex and Cryptomania which quite complicated in use?
For example, I am not even sure if I am ready to make full registration with my ID on any of real exchanges in order just get my fund out.

To my mind, one of the main issue with musicoin for now is its low liquidity.

Once upon a time, Dedly Budda write on slack, that in the future we could use buymusicoin(dot)com to buy musicoin

need to wait. Team make alot of work for musicoin

@nohealer Great posts. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on how could work can you check it out and drop me a line thanks Tim

Yes we need normal exchange. Bittrex is in silence for 5 days after I uploaded my ID and send them message to support.
Cryptopia is down as you know. And there is no other ways.

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I am not rushing but it seems to be one of the main head stone in the whole really great project which I appreciate much and I am ready to support in all possible ways from my side.

There’s a new zero fee exchange called Cobinhood( that support fiat.
It’s relatively new and is actively accepting new coins. Maybe the devs would be interested in contacting them.

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