Withdrawal fail

Hello, some days ago I made a transfer from my musicoin desktop wallet v0.7 to cryptopia, the transaction failed and discount my balance and appears in the blockchain but it is still not reflected in my cryptopia balance, please help me. Thank you.

hash 0xedc70bc87be01fd1b179d448a9b07ecc13690caa0a7d0f2dfeee8f5a51a52903
blockNumber 1714362
Time 2018-01-03 02:42:41 -0400 (1 day, 6 hours ago)
from 0xe5af300b582cc6d02d4d16c93d8d8b3dd206e5b9
to 0x5e41d1feae03a37b37af13dfe1aa38c2d0daeaf2
value 1092
gas used 21000/940000
gasPrice 20000000000
nonce 4
Input Data 0x

Transaction Link https://orbiter.musicoin.org/tx/0xedc70bc87be01fd1b179d448a9b07ecc13690caa0a7d0f2dfeee8f5a51a52903

@la-moneda-digital The link from Cryptopia to the $music wallet is broken so no transactions are going through. They are working on it. For more info search this forum.

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