new releases go so fast that there is no time to check out

i propose 15 minutes for a new release entry to be listed :)-)>

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@silvio-pezzetta There is a filter option that allows us to see new releases. However I think that there should be a separate feed for them. I use that often to discover new songs and It should help others too I guess.


@silvio-pezzetta Choose the options you want. However these are user chosen, that is why I defend that new releases should have it’s own independent and highly visible feed.

@soundphaser Ok I know that but I see only my own releases and I’m talking about all new songs in home page 🙂


@silvio-pezzetta I believe you would only see the new releases from artists you follow…

@soundphaser OK so the question is still pending for answer :-)(>


@silvio-pezzetta If you are already following artists, and if they are not releasing any new songs then it’s normal you don’t see any information on your feed. If they are releasing new songs and you can’t see it in your feed I don’t no what more to say other then checking it with the technical support team. As you can see by the picture in my feed I am seeing them…

@soundphaser not only those that i follow, I’d like to see any new artista releases and if it is posible select by categories 😉


@silvio-pezzetta I agree. That is why I was saying that there should be a separate feed for releases.

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