Website acting up

Since yesterday I have a couple of issues with the website.

  • Long loading times
  • Issues playing more than 3 tracks
  • Player crashing and not working anymore
  • Loading times with the embedded player.

I guess traffic is quite high these days?? It seems like a lot of my friends have these issues too. Or similar issues.

Usually browsing through Chrome, no issues adressing other websites, or the forum. I’m on Win 7 or 10 (depending on PC).

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I also encountered some of these problems

Yep we have to agree , seems to be lagging and no response when you click on certain items. Tried to upload a track today but just wouldn’t do it … Seems like the more people join the slower its getting 😞


Yes the traffic is quite high these days, but don’t worry that side too will be improved soon.

Wich in a weird is way is good for us…

@zeljko-stanojkovski I know you guys are working on it - I just want to let you know that I post my tracks and talk about Musicoin on Facebook groups and hear complaints that the site is slow and people are having trouble signing up. It’s good that there is lots of traffic! Happy to be participating in this project - don’t rest! Keep it up!!

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