Add notifications for comments on songs?

I noticed that there is no system in place that notifies me when people leave a comment on my uploaded songs. I think that would be rather useful for musicians like myself to be able to better interact with listeners and not miss out on comments left on songs. Plus I think it would be add more convenience to the platform as it would remove the tedium of individually going through uploads to see if new comments were made by a listener.


There is a system in place but it sends notifications to emails.

@zeljko-stanojkovski I see. I still think it would be nice if the notifications happened on site ya know?

And I personally haven’t received those notification e-mails you talk about even though when I check my individual uploads I see the occasional comment. So something isn’t working as well as it should…either that or there’s a setting I missed that specifies to get e-mail notifications for comments on my music.

At any rate, yeah having notifications show up on site would be useful too in my opinion.

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It would be nice to be able to tag other users. When someone comments on my music and I reply to them, they won’t be able to see my comment unless they go to that music conversation thread. so I think this should be addressed also.

@sebastian-smith Have you looked in your junk (spam) mail folder? I receive the notifications just fine.

I dont get any notification to my email, and its not in spam, its the proper email and its turned on… 🙂

@oly681 no, I check my spam and I don’t get notifications. I have the notifications turned on but neither my inbox or spam contain anything from musicoin

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