Refer a friend and get $MUSIC as a reward

it's odd to quote myself

@Zeljko-Stanojkovski pls see my quote. if possible i'd like to have some additional referals as well

@neon-insect said in Refer a friend and get $MUSIC as a reward:

@im if i may, i'd love to get some more referal links as well. i have a bunch of musicians i'd like to invite.

can i get more invites? a;ready invited listeners and musicians

Hello! I used my referral link with a friend and he signed up with it but I received anything 😢


@im Would you be able to allocate some more please?

@zeljko-stanojkovski could you please increase my invites left? I want to send an email to my list (>30K musicians) about this amazing project.

@im Interesting move. Even without reward I'm inviting people. But rewarding for too long time later could impact in some way the vision they had from Musicoin. As you said. You never know what people would do beyond decency.

Hope everything runs well.
Best wishes!



@zeljko-stanojkovski What do you mean by "those that left". I don't have any left. Could you please add some more to my account? Thank you.

@kate-mclaughlin said in Refer a friend and get $MUSIC as a reward:

@im Were you saying that 20 more invitation would be added for Juxta or for all artists? I would love moreinvites as well , I am working on putting together a tutorial for new musicians to Musicoin and cryptocurrency.

any push on this tutorial would be a good PR move for musicoin.


@zeljko-stanojkovski ah OK. Sorry!


@zeljko-stanojkovski Nearly used up all my referrals (2 left). Could I please have another 50. You should be able to see by now that I am able to refer musicians of a good standard but I could invite a lot more if I had more invites available.

Thank you!


I understand limiting to 5 on the first day, but... why compensate us at all if referring musicians is not valued on a regular basis. Have you considered limiting to 5 referrals PER WEEK or MONTH?

And making the subsequent referrals (after the first 5) worth less coins?

That way you wouldn't have to look on the forum to figure out when to give people more referral credits. More importantly, you'd be rewarding musicians for being CONSISTENT members of the community, instead of just initially signing up. Thank you!

Hey People. I'm new to music coin,and thought I would share my Artist page.Check me out and follow,and I will do the same.Thanks


Can I have more referals, only one left and I haven't used my mailing list yet! Thanks


@Zeljko-Stanojkovski Hi there. I am running low on referral credits again. Could you please give me a substantial amount so I can really promote the platform and get more musicians signed up.

Thank you.


@juxta You're in fire!!

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