Refer a friend and get $MUSIC as a reward

Yes, I'm interested. Can I get a referral link?
Please feel free to join and promote I already do that.
All the Best!

@im Were you saying that 20 more invitation would be added for Juxta or for all artists? I would love moreinvites as well , I am working on putting together a tutorial for new musicians to Musicoin and cryptocurrency.


@kate-mclaughlin I imagine you have to ask and they will look on a case by case basis based on the quality of referrals you already made.

@im @Zeljko-Stanojkovski Can we have some more invites too please. We've been busy recruiting as you may have noticed 🙂


Hi @im

I have now referred another 20 new musicians. Could I please have a top up of my referral balance?



seems all your friends and you have receive 50-250MC/each, can you confirm?

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@im I'm not sure how I would do this as a lot of the referrals are via social media and my website so I don't know them all personally. A few have told me they received an initial 250 from one of the bots though yes.

I would like to continue promoting musicoin however so could you please give me a new allocation of referrals?

@im if i may, i'd love to get some more referal links as well. i have a bunch of musicians i'd like to invite.

regarding the 50-250 mc...i've heard someone saying he got 250 coins on sign up. but i don't know if that has to do with any of the referrals.

@im I'd love to be able to send more invites as well, I've been pushing this to my musician friends heavy!

@zeljko-stanojkovski Hi, I've run out of invites again, can I have some more please 🙂 Thanks!

it's odd to quote myself

@Zeljko-Stanojkovski pls see my quote. if possible i'd like to have some additional referals as well

@neon-insect said in Refer a friend and get $MUSIC as a reward:

@im if i may, i'd love to get some more referal links as well. i have a bunch of musicians i'd like to invite.

can i get more invites? a;ready invited listeners and musicians

Hello! I used my referral link with a friend and he signed up with it but I received anything 😢


@im Would you be able to allocate some more please?

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