Cryptopia wallet problem. Never received my deposit. Help needed!

I transferred my funds from Musiccoin wallet to Cryptopia, now I see “maintenance” status for the Musiccoin there and no funds available. It’s been more than a week. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks! Will I receive my funds eventually?

@alexandra100788 Hi, many of us are in the same boat. The Musicoin team have been in touch with Cryptopia and they are working on the issue. Once the connection to the blockchain is made the transactions should all go through. It’s one of the beauties of blockchain, there is always a record. We just have to sit tight 😞

Yeah, I just signed up for Cryptopia and tried to deposit my MUSICOIN there to begin exchanging for Bitcoin or USD, and they list a Maintenance issue with MUSICOIN. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. Any other solutions for exchanging now in the meantime? Would like to pull down some of the USD value of my P2P earnings. Thanks!

0x9bbd93962cf664670ce507b660b4e510f5db4b3c Transferred to this wallet 10k musicians on Cryptopia yesterday . Waiting…
P.S.Don’t make me use a rope and soap

And im waiting too, transfered 1000. hoping hoping

same problem , my transfer war success but on cryptopia still 0 balance, hope musicoin developer get in touch to cryptopia developer

@masbro-official-channel We are well aware of the problem and have reached out to Cryptopia multiple times over the past week or so to no avail. On the plus side, as of the last half hour we are now seeing reports from users on Facebook and Reddit claiming that Cryptopia has processed their payments at least.

Also know that these Cryptopia problems were not unique to Musicoin. Other wallets were affected as well.

We have received word from two Cryptopia users over the past half hour that their funds have arrived. Patience may pay off, but it is of my opinion that Bittrex is a far more reliable exchange.

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