OSx wallet 1.0 is not syncing.

Hi Guys

I was wondering if you could help?

I downloaded and installed the OSx desktop wallet and set up a new account. The wallet synced automatically, I then created an artist page and uploaded some tracks. I sent out some referrals and earn't some music so I decided to test sending it to my desktop wallet as I plan on mining this coin soon. The transfer went through but the desktop wallet is not synced and my fund are not displaying. The money is in the account as i can see it in explorer.

Hope you can help

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Wait for wallet to sync up, also you could try nightly version from https://builder.musicoin.org it includes changes that could improve synchronization process for some people.

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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. The only way I was able to get the wallet to sync again was to delete the blockchain file on my macbook and then reopen the wallet. I then restored my account and the wallet synced and my funds are now there. However when I close and reopen the wallet it no longer syncs and I can't send any funds because the wallet is not synced?!!

I've downloaded the nightly version and it seems to have connected, it took a few minutes. I will keep an eye on it an will report back


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However when I close and reopen the wallet it no longer sync

As long you would connect at least to one peer, it would check the last block number, and you would continue sync from the last block you had previously. Something like - you was synced and closed the wallet, launched wallet on the next day, and you doing syncing from 99.2 to 100%. As the day before that 99.2 was the last block.

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