I don't think I'm verified. Why not?

So in order to post more than one song you need to be verified? I don’t believe I’m verified. I have a Bandcamp, soundcloud and reverb nation. I also have a Facebook page for my music but I can’t link to it from this site because it always links to my personal Facebook page instead. Is this not good enough?

How long are you waiting for verification?

@metkraming I did discover I got this email:

Please link more social media channels(to your Musicoin profile) which can show us how involved you were in the past with music content creation, we need to see some active history of your musical work. When you finish with linking please send an email at reviewers@musicoin.org in order to be verified faster.

But like I said, I have a small handful of sites linked. Do I need more? Isn’t that I don’t have enough songs up? I don’t have enough plays on them? Or activity recently enough? Or the reviewer just doesn’t think the music is good enough?

@to-the-sun administration looking for the same song on soundcloud, posts about your musician activity on twitter and facebook, youtube video with you music, etc.

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