Getting more views,

I was wondering, how is it that some people get a ton of views, and others, not so many.
Let’s assume that the music is good.
Is it a matter of posting new music all the time? Or is it that the people who engage with other members in the community end up getting more listeners?
What do you think?
-Coach Hop

@charlie-laurence Engaging is certainly one aspect. I like to check out people who tipped me to at least make up for the coins they’ve spent. Commenting too. Remember, every comment and tip appears in the newsfeed of your followers.

Another thing is: When do you upload your music. How long is it on the discovery page?

Then…What you do outside of musicoin. Twitter, facebook, newsletter…this is where your popularity comes in to play.

Posting a link in the forums, certainly helps ^^

good music => new followers => they listen to your new music in “my feed” => share good ones => new linteners who’s looking for good music => …and from the beginning


It’s not different than putting music elsewhere - you have to spend at least 50% of your time promoting it otherwise it will fade away.

@charlie-laurence When you Tweet out a link to your or someone’s track, add a tag of #musicoin(genre) e.g. #musicoinelectronic This builds a kind of playlist which you can also Tweet out e.g. Just make sure you click on Latest to see all the tracks. This way we all get more exposure 🙂

@metkraming @juxta
What about timing?
Let’s say you have 50 songs all recorded. Release them all at once, or one at a time? Every other day? One a week? Your thoughts?
Also @metkraming, do you have an artist’s page?
-Coach Hop


Personally I am release one or two a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

That way you appear in the new releases more often.

@charlie-laurence if you’re not so popular better make time gap between posting track. When you have power fan’s army no matter how many song you’re posting at once

p.s. I’m not a musician, I’m listener, here is my page

Yeah you guys are right I realized that when I uploaded 3 songs back to back and only got one feed. hahaha missed opportunity! 😞

Anyway you can check my band’s profile here :


@gjart that twitter tag idea is so cool, it helps us promote each other while promote ourselves! Brilliant!


@coach-hop Great question. I’m actually combining the timing WITH the promo suggested by others here so

  1. I promote the track to my social media and friends
  2. I don’t release all my other tracks yet
    3. I CHALLENGE my followers, "When this track gets ## plays… " I’ll release the new one.

For my last track at, you can see I challenged my followers to get “Down: Chapter 1” 27 plays
To my surprise they got it over 140 plays so far, so…
today I released Chapter 2.

I’m going to challenge them a higher number for the next one ☺

Why did I use the number 27?

I had previously told my fans once that track gets 1000 plays on spotify, I’ll release the track, and based on my last estimates, musicoin is currently paying 35 x spotify. so 1000/35 is a little over 28 (and I like the number 27 better than 28 lol). I also figured since it was the first challenge, you don’t wanna make people do too much right?

And I see you have your musicoin page in your signature… stuff like that helps, you’re on the right track star 🙂


@juxta yes i think appearing in new releases helps, especially while this platform is new, a lot of people will go there just cause they’re curious

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