Looking for something different? Welcome to the world of JUXTA!

Juxta on Musicoin

“Your music is incredible” “We bloomin’ love Juxta” @CultofSuperTed on Riviera FM

What Does Juxta Sound Like?
”Nine Inch Nails & The Buzzcocks with a little bit of Radiohead”. We like to call it “Industrial Post-Punk”!

alt text

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love your stuff, man. and you know it already ^^


@neon-insect Too kind! The feeling is mutual though!


@rhonda-huete Thank you Rhona!! I find myself in a calm place when I listen to your music. An enjoyable antidote to my usual high energy state!

Your sound is TOUGH AS NAILS man. LOVE it.


@amphlux thank you! 🙂 \m/

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