NomNom pool payment issues

Hello ! Anybody have issues with receiving payments from NomNom mining pool? I have received approx. 200 units, however other 600 are still pending for 2 days. Are they scammers?

My address is:

@răzvan-ionuț-pîrnac the guy behind this pool is called Jared, a Musiconomi staff, you can send email to , they are running this pool.

I also have not received coins for 2 days. Looks like no payouts since yesterday. I sent an email to support yesterday but have not heard back.

after september hard fork I almost every day listen than nomnom doesn’t work very well. Choose another pool and live longer

Still not paying to several miners, me included, I switched to an other pool but I wish Jared or whoever own this mess pays my 765 MUSIC, even if it is not a huge amount. I was loyal to this pool since I started mining in July 2017, they don’t seem that loyal with miners, sadly.

My wallet is 0x870c6abb54a287d93a55c0c63defff38e1533e8e

Reply from :

““Sorry. We do not have a mining pool for Musiconomi. Please email directly for any problems regarding this pool.
This has nothing to do with Musiconomi. Thank you very much
All the best””

Of course, does not reply, same as

Anyone can help about this ?

And to conclude, they just reset my account today, all my pending MUSIC set to zero.
No payment of course.

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@jsssx I just looked it up, you should follow @musicoinpool on Twiiter.

Pool payouts have been resolved finally. The issue was due to some code issues after the fix.

They erased my account, and set back to zero, I moved my rig to an other pool now. Lost about 760 MUSIC pending until today and never paid, not huge but still dishonest from this pool.

As for twitter, I do follow them and unfortunately they do not reply to issues about payment (many people in the same case), they just don’t care.
The post you mention is from January.

@jsssx I just figured it was the same issue, but that’s a decent amount of MC so you should keep trying to contact them by email, just have a friendly attitude about it.

You can compare these as well to the one you use now, which is probably one of them.

Musicoin Mining Pools:

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I think Jared is from Musiconomi for sure.

Thanks for all your replies.

Jared or someone from this pool finally helped me and checked the pool data before upgrade, found my balance and paid it.

All this ending well 🙂

Well, at the moment I have 11000 + in my unpaid balance, I cant contact anyone on slack since its not longer available… twitter no helpful at all,
If anyone have idea what to do please help out.

In case someone from NOMNOM read, the address is : 0xa2e4c09f2ec7d33620d86ff91099f19b588537aa


I started MUSICoin mining on NomNom, but had so many delayed payments and when the fork happened they deleted everybody’s pending payments and I had to show proof to get my MC balance. They did pay it, but I will never use NomNom again and strongly suggest you do not use them. It is at best an amateurish operation.

I have been using ( for MUSICoin mining after leaving NomNom and it has been EXCELLENT.

Thanks for the tip, I just hope I`ll get me balance paid…

By the way, I think Musicoin team should release official statement that NomNom Pool should not be used.

@dave-postington Hi Dave, you said you got paid after showing proof of your balance. Could you please tell me, who you’ve been showing your proof to, and how you’ve been contacting the person in charge. I would be greatful. Regards.

Here are the various contacts I used:
Regarding the missing balance after they rebuilt the server, I actually posted my mining proof on the twitter feed and got results. I had emailed them previously, when I was getting tired of the balance payout delays.

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