New button from on the Artist page.

Hi everybody, I was just thinking it’s difficult to find this forum, infact there is no button on the main site that brings you to the forum. wouldn’t be a bad idea to add a button to the main artist page which brings us directly to the forum. What do you think?

Totally good idea, The only reason we found out about it is that we follow posts on facebook

this button will be added today.

@hayrullah-cansu Hi thats great news, it’ll make everything so much easier. Many thanks for your prompt reply.

added the button which provides to redirect forum & marked with green line.

@hayrullah-cansu Great, but it’s not that obvious what it is from the words. Suggest “Visit Forum - Let’s Rock” would be better 🙂


@gjart Indeed great to have this but it really needs to say something like “Visit the Musicoin forum”. As a user who doesn’t know what “Let’s Rock” is I would assume this is just advertising and would ignore it.

@hayrullah-cansu Much better now 🙂

@hayrullah-cansu Excellent will check it out now.

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