Integration with

I’m hoping for a possible integration with I’ve noticed a lot of members of this forum are members of ACR also and feel it would drive even more members to Musicoin. I use ACR as my main music player lately as do a lot on there and to be able to hear Musicoin releases on there would be amazing as well as beneficial to artists on both.

That sounds like a fabulous idea. We are big fans of Atom Collector Records, their site has increased our activity considerably. Integration with Musicoin would definitely do the same, good news all round. 🙂

Maybe Juxta could start by adding $Musicoin to atom collector somehow like he has with a few other smaller streaming sites ? If the player can be embedded on atomcollector like twitter then in theory we would still get coins if people played a track that’s on the musicoin site. It would also encourage more people from both sites to integrate and sign up with each one respectively … just a thought


This would definitely be great!!!

great idea Acr has been instrumental in driving traffic towards streaming sites so this would helpa lot

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