Juxta (AtomCollectorRecords.com) Attending Riff Taff Music Networking in Brighton UK - March 5

I will be at the next Riff Taff Networking event at The Brunswick Pub in Hove on March 5th and will talk about Musicoin during the introductions.

These events are a must attend if you are in the South East of the UK and I would urge you to make the trip.
If you are a little nervous about entering a room full of musos then look out for me and introduce yourself as being from the Musicoin forum and I’ll help you break the ice 🙂

There are currently 134 “going or interested”.

More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/403133326781592/

Unfortuntely I won’t be able to make it down, I live in the south east in the Isle of Sheppey.

Is there anyway you could get some decent footage of you talking about Musicoin at The Brunswick pub? this is so I can upload the video to Musicoin TV to introduce you as an ambassador?


This didn’t make it on to the calendar but is still on.

I will get someone to video my introduction. As there are looking like a lot of people going introductions will probably be kept to a minute or 2 and I have to talk about AtomCollectorRecords.com too so I won’t be saying much other than “come and see me if you want to know more”!

0_1520242347559_Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 07.40.31.png

0_1520242364547_Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 07.40.13.png

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