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In this MC Plays HIGHLIGHTS Video, the hosts discuss the Artist of the Week Nominees… Shout Out to IX THE WINNER of this weeks Artist of the Week. Also Shout out to Ian for making it a close call. This is another great episode that highlights Musicoin’s revolutionary platform, and how we all can benefit from it. Now Lets make sure we ALL support MC Plays and kick this off right to increase the awareness and adoption of Musicoin.


Is the 1st show of its kind. It merges music and crypto, highlighting Musicoin’s revolutionary blockchain music platform.
With 4 Host from 2 different countries (US and UK) bringing their diverse well rounded experience of the music industry. Watch and Listen as we make Weekly Special Announcements, Discover and Highlight New Artist, Pick and Play Artist of the Week and MUCH MORE…

Let’s make this a huge movement for independent artist. Let’s make this a platform where independent artist can make a living from their music. Listeners will get to support their favorite artists and discover new artist FOR FREE!!!

Hey Guys,

So I’ve been following the MC plays since the beginning and here are my 2 cents on it, don’t take it bad but some aspects of the show needs to be changed in order to attract more views and awareness.

  1. Get someone to create the youtube vignette it looks unattractive. I mean you don’t want to click on it.
  2. Get the hot stuff in the video’s name: News / hardfork / etc.
  3. 1 host and 1 guest, there is too many people during the show and it’s hard to follow up. Plus the google hangout format is not helping.
  4. Don’t need to listen to the artist of the week, if think we can do it on our own. Just announce and give your opinion on it (the host and the guest).
  5. Get it shorter if you do it on a weekly basis = 15 minutes tops. Otherwise people will stop to watch it before the end.

Once again I’m not a youtuber or whatever but it looks like you can do better in order to deliver a good quality content for your audience.
Keep doing the good work Musicoin team! 


I agree about making it shorter although this week’s was full of gold dust so it was a bit of an exception. I disconnected as soon as it got to artist of the week though.
How about making the artist of the week a separate video?

I actually quite like the multiple people on it though personally. I like all the different points of view and the dynamic of everyone. It also feels a lot more laid back and fun than having a formal format.

And yes to attract more people it needs a professional looking intro and artwork created.

I haven’t watched it yet, I’ll get on it right away!

Hi Thibault,

Thank you for your constructive criticism, much appreciated. For your first point, we will have to change the vignette soon anyway to fit in with Musicoins brand guidelines. I agree with your second point, well noted. I personally like that there are a few of us on the show, we all have different perspectives and come at things from different angles. We do artist of the week to break up the talking and bring peoples attention to artist of the week if they are new to Musicoin and the channel. It was good the other week because people from the chat were taking part in the competition and was changing the leaders of the competition. I agree that last MC Plays was way to long, that was because we had two guests. We will keep it to one guest in the future, our guidelines for the show is around 2 hours.

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