Unable to upload a song (repost in new category)

Hey all! Fairly new to this and so my first release was a cover. I had no clue that this wasn’t allowed so I took it down. However I’m trying to become verified and I have an original song to put up but I don’t know how to do so. Can anyone help?

I had a similar problem dude, contacted them via fb messager and got a bit of a snub reply saying that you can only upload 1 track until verification.
Solution: Unlink all the social accounts you can and then sign up again under a new account. I did this and changed old account name to Please Delete and hoping someone picks it up and takes the initiative
Not sure whats going on but seem to be slow on getting peoples queries sorted on here - i have no reply from a couple of days ago!

PS, I left my personal fb as the account on the now defunked profile - as you have to keep one on there, and wanted google & twitter (never had an account before) for my new one.

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