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I’m not sure if this has already been covered in another thread, but how can/will Musicoin be able to protect the official copyright holders of the music on the site? In essence, making sure the appropriate people are getting paid - and not scammers who upload other peoples hard work…

Incorporating music P.R.O.'s like BMI/Ascap/Socan/etc into the mix could help with knowing who the appropriate register of a musical work is, imo.

May even get the musicians a second payment through those services from the collection of Royalties per stream.

Could also help with charting on the billboard charts?

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Don’t worry about scammers, we’ve already got that covered. If you find a suspicious material you can notify 😉

@ivan Thanks Ivan. can you go into detail about how that kind of activity will be covered - as we the user will not have time to go through 100’s (hopefully 1000’s 🤞 ) of artist profiles 🤘

Each upload goes through the system, filtered by the title, description, content (database), and eventually the team listens to that release. When a copyright content is found, the release becomes blocked and the author gets a warning if this continues it will be banned. Simple as that.
That’s a full-time job keeping up with almost 4000 artists, but this system is constantly evolving so that the protection becomes better. Personally, I don’t tolerate scammers or imposters, this should be a platform for real musicians.

Cool, Thank u for the detailed reply. That info is very much appreciated. Listening to all those songs would certainly be a full-time job! Wow. It’s nice to hear that the system is evolving - and I hope one day it can be a streamlined automated process so that the team can relax on those personal “by hand” ID checks and be able to focus on other great aspects of the platform (like getting these audio streams to count towards charting on the Billboard charts?) Cheers! 🙂

Lets hope the system works better than YouTube’s. They flagged me TWICE for songs I wrote and composed solo…and they sounded NOTHING like the claimed pieces I had supposedly infringed upon. The infringement claims were dropped on both of them pretty quickly after I went through the disagreement process. But again…they should have NEVER been flagged for any reason in the first place as there was NO similarity whatsoever…not even the title. Their system SUCKS at NOT raising false flags!

Ivan stated that IF “copyright content is found, the release becomes blocked and the author gets a warning if this continues it will be banned. Simple as that.”

I see problems ahead already with that concept as ALL music uploaded to the site is copyrighted…regardless of if officially registered with the copyright office or not…that’s what the law says. PLUS…if you are an “author” of a song…how do you infringe on yourself?

Maybe that statement should have read “uploader” instead.

And finally…I really hope the folks running MC actually do their own research and do not rely solely on what others tell them concerning copyright laws as I have seen this more times than I care to count. The number one totally false and untrue thing I constantly hear from the uneducated in this area is that…whoever wrote the music is the one …and the only one…who holds copyright in the song. This is about as far from the truth as you can get…unless you wrote the entire song alone. There is a thing called “joint authorship”…which usually results from musical collaborations…which I do almost exclusively…that gives the lyric writer AND the music composer of a song EQUAL rights to the copyright…unless an agreement of some other kind has been drawn up.

Both the author and the composer have EQUAL rights in this scenario to perform, display, reproduce, distribute, modify…and best of all…license the song for use…as long as the license is “non-exclusive” and each “joint author” informs the other/others about any licensing of this type that has taken place so that the others may take the necessary actions required of them to collect their share of any royalties generated…if they so desire. In the event an “Exclusive” license is sought…all joint authors of the song must be in agreement for it to be granted.

The PRO’S have NOTHING to do with policing copyright violations as they simply collect the royalties for songs that are actually registered with them. ANY joint author may register a song and its writers/composers with them.

Yeah…I’ve done my homework…and did it a long time ago as I work with a LOT of people from around the world…and didn’t want to get scre#ed simply because I was ignorant of how things work in the REAL world. That’s all just a small part of what people should already know…there’s way more.

So like I said…hope the folks running MC are doing their homework…for themselves

@ivan Soundcloud does that as well, uploaded a Bad Blood remix with my own beat, just her vocals and it instantly detected it.

Aside from that I was wondering if we were gonna be allowed to input our ISRC and UPC codes, all my music’s registered and copyrighted.

And for those of you worried about it register for free with BMI, they’ll give you ISRC codes, and if you have a distributor for Spotify and others you’ll get that and the UPC’s automatically.

@hydro-hellsing inputing ISRC & UPC codes would be a fantastic (and necessary) feature for Musicoin to include right away. It will help with stream counts and charting.

I agree that we need to upgrade a lot of stuff but nobody here is blocked for no reason.
I suggest that when the uploader know that release can have some copyright issues let’s just write in the description - I have rights for this. If our team have any copyright concerns uploader will be contacted.
Every day we have red flags for some releases but 99% of them are just unknown people uploading greatest hits by top charting artists.

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