genre breaking music

Anyone else on here find genres too restrictive to the music you make? our music is a mixture of 90’s style indie groove, rock/metal riffs, grunge drums and prog/dance synths with samples thrown in and we have always had problems with fitting into a particular genre…have a listen at and let us know what you think and post links to your genre breaking music…


To be honest I find this a problem on every site. I know genres are important so one can listen to the style of music one wants to but it does work if you are an artist that spans multiple genres.
I even invented my own genre of “industrial post-punk” as I wasn’t even sure what my music was!

It would almost be better to say what genres your music isn’t and then have it show up in all the others but obviously that is not a practical solution!

So the bottom line is: “yes but I don’t have a solution!” 😛

I like the idea of filtering out what my catalog isn’t. My stuff has been described as “on shuffle”. I prefer “eclectic”.

I think I have this same issue. I have no clue what my music would be considered genre wise. I make soundtrack like songs that tend to have dark deep baselines, classical string voices, ambient synths, and reversed synth/strings made into background ambiance. And it isn’t even limited to those things since my music is just…unique. I don’t know, I can hardly describe most of my own stuff let alone put it into any catagory.

Hi Shotgun21

Just saying Hi and I like your music!

Genres are for journalists. 😛 Seriously though, I do understand the frustration of trying to figure out what to call something, especially on sites like this.

absolutely agree, my whole experience in producing music i have never had a genre in mind. usually at the last moment in the production i decide what its closest to and exagerate those bits. only recently have i begun to understand that normies need that grounding to get down to a beat. so yeh i started producing hiphop but refuse to take out the psychedelia, thats just the best part about me. so yeh i guess im taking stride in a new thing i shall call it hippotamus-hop lol. nah maybe psychedelic hip hop is more descriptive.


Right there with you guys! hah I’ve ignored genres thinking they’re for listeners not producers. I do see how working within a genre narrows your choices (instruments, structure etc) which can actually be a good thing (option overload). Still just write my own stuff tho =p

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