How to split between band members

Do all of my band members have to make a musicoin account so we can set it up to split earnings? If so, do you just choose one of the members accounts to be the one that hosts the music? How did you guys decide to set it up?

@snow-day We have a problem with my band. Our band created a band account (artist account), then each member created an artist account to have a separate wallet address. I uploaded a song to the band account that has been verified and approved. For the contract, I shared like this; each band member get 25% (we are 4) to their individual account wallet, and the band account wallet get 0%. The problem is that each member hasn’t been approved yet, has none of us has uploaded any song from their respective account.
So none of us have received any coin so far… I’m not sure about what I should do.

@eric-b @Snow-Day

contact the admins here, they can help you guys best. @im can probably help out with this or at least get the right persons involved.

If a song posted/published to my account, from a previous band/project and I am waiting for the other party to register a wallet, or musicoin account to add them to the license to split royalty, if the song receives plays before they refister, will the other party receive their due share retroactively?

I remember seeing that one of my previous songs had a “distribute” button underneath the song in my profile, but I haven’t seen it in a while and have had plays. I just want to make sure that the other party is compensated fairly, even if there is a lag in their registration.


You can hold income in one account and distribute the money offline.
e.g. a band(A,B,C…), they can just have A sign up only, then release and receive money, then split at home. But the best way is to get all members up and distribute the money on blockchain.

@im Thank you. I would like to set the distribution up on the blockchain as suggested, as that is one of the most powerful assets of the system. It is my preferred method.

I am still seeking clarity on this scenario: A song is posted to the blockchain. I am currently the only member on the license. The song receives a few plays and is rewarded. I then change the license to reflect other members of a group and their shared percentage as they register. Will the change in license only affect the payments going forward from the time of license change, or be retroactive to the date of song creation/post on the blockchain? If it is retroactive to posting/creation date, will tokens deposited to my wallet will be adjusted and distributed accordingly? I don’t have a problem with this as it seems to be the fair thing to do and am curious as to how the contract will function in such a situation.

Thank you for your time.

@im Hi, thanks.
That’s what my band did, each member made a separate account.
How can we have them verified and approved if we don’t share any song from our individual accounts?
After a week we are all still “unverified musician”, only the band account that posted a song has been verified.

@eric-banquier do they need to be verified if only register for receiving fund? And of course, they can be verified if they are invited by the band, or prove they are real musicians as similar as to the band account. But I’d love to hear @Zeljko-Stanojkovski 's ideas on this.


@eric-banquier Hi there. All of them need to link social media accounts to their Musicoin account and make sure that those have enough relevant info about their music career. When the linking is done you can send me en email with all profile links for verification at


@eric-b Link your social media accounts to Musicoin account and make sure they can show us an active history of your musical work(applies to all band members). After that send all profile links at in order to check and verify them.

@zeljko-stanojkovski I’ve just sent you an email with all the links of the band members. Thank you.

Thanks for the replies guys! I’ve figured out since I posted this that the best way is to make an account with your band email to be the account that uploads songs and then have each of the band members make their own listener accounts so they have a wallet on the site. When setting up the smart contract just delete your band account address and add in all of your band members wallets instead. Works like a charm!

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