Social listener leaderboard by system of quest

In order to give the listener even more desire to discover artists on music and create influencer in the communauty, he would be well to create a system of social with experience/level with listener leaderboard like the one set up a few years ago by the site “thesixtyone”.

The principle is based on sort of different “Quest” and listening path of the type :

Listen 5 tracks pop.
Share 3 tracks electro.
Comment 3 tracks classic….
And other

Each completed quest yields experience, which accumulated allow to change status / avatar and place in leaderboard, with why not a reward in $Music

Sorry if this is confusing, my english is limited

@spleen-musical I like the leaderboard idea, but I’m not a fan of quests like you designed them. It should be encouraged, that people share and listen to music they like and get rewarded for that.

But they should not be forced into a genre, they wouldn’t touch otherwise. Especially not, if the outcome is “share”. Because then the stuff one shares, is for the sake of doing a share to complete a quest and not to show friends and followers something amazing.

So, my counter suggestion would be something like this:

  • Listen to 3 artists, you haven’t heard before
  • Share 3 tracks you like
  • Tip 5 artists who need support (Artists < 1000 coin to their name)
  • Discover a Track with 0 listens.
  • Tip a Track with 0 tips.
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I agree, and add the instant buy musicoin option for listeners.
And playlister that ear and discover music for theirs communities

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