A Monthly gig in Paris to promote MUSICOIN ? Help us to fund !

by MUSICOIN & Samouraï Coop

Hi, my name is Antoine (or zôÖma). I’m founder of Samouraï Coop in Paris, working to defend & promote independant artists, tools & events from all over the world, by decentralized organization, alternative events (monthly gigs in Paris, tours, festivals, booking, artist residencies, booking databases, video clips… I’m head programmer of alternative & underground music for Samouraï Coop, OSMOSE and 3 others independant NGO’s in France.

We would like to promote Musicoin in France & Europe with a monthly event in a famous music hall called New Morning (and after on our others events, summer festivals…) This place is great for independent scene (from hiphop, to soul, dub, jazz, blues…) and I worked on many gigs there since 2013.

Parties & gigs we organize are called Les Nuits de l’OSMOSE (since 2011, organizing 3 french festivals with our old NGO called OSMOSE Collective), and in 2018 we would like to promote Musicoin, and to precise behind by MUSICOIN & Samouraï Coop.

We’re looking for money (about 5k$ by event) to create a free monthly event there, and make artists discover Musicoin in France and Europe. We’re looking funds to organize it from April 2018.

→ Help to fund :
If you want to help us to fund it, you’ll find our wallets here:
Musicoin : 0x839ba136e7eba495a5591006a748a0e645ada96d
ETH : 0x72df7d333807D6819De045AF3640f3146aAe28E6
ARK : ANvC3oPJvsuwSCjXDcgKsbAjTYWVV2B4dq​
LTC : MEL3jXgsh8X6etRHKa1aN1JzFQmur2MXyn
Cloak : CABJghTYdu47F42JZZz88abGeBcpGgFPuL
BTC : 3Fu8cNYYJZLRR4r7sfe8uMqo3bf9qtvyzn

Samouraï Coop is a cooperative company (COOP) based on democratic mode of direction :

We’re also creating an innovative & cooperative place called TERAA*
Check it out there.

Reddit link of TERAA by Samouraï Coop_


A MUSICOIN Festival would be fantastic!

@juxta We’re working on, for May or August, it depend of the funds !
We’re going to push Musicoin on every live networks we got 🙂
And most of our crew are technicians & artists on main french festivals ;D

@samouraï-coop I’d love to play ^^ Haven’t seen the stages in years, but could imagine to put something together again. Still have a bunch of VJ material as well to do some backdrop videos too

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