If Someone Signs Up Via A Track You Shared You Should Get A Referral Fee

I’m torn between sharing my tracks on social media and sharing my referral link as I will only get a referral fee with that later.

Would be great to get a referral if someone signs up when seeing a track embed or link too.

this is a very good point as if I’m correct, you would receive 1 coin per play from promoting your music + potential onward plays if they visit your profile. If only a referral link is shared then the best is someone signs up and the funnel stops there.

I think the best is to share your music link where possible to get plays and discovery

just my thoughts


What I actually mean is the referral link under your profile that rewards you for the referral not for the play. This is a great way to encourage new people to join the platform and I think it should be rewarded if someone signs up from the embedded player.

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