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Be assured we will feed the Forum with updates regarding the Kucoin voting campaign!

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Hello @kurt-state , nice to Musicoin you! 🙂 And thanks for your quick answers, @Ivan and @metkraming!

Yes, it's a legit "blitz" campaign started by @xemurai yesterday, in order to raise the number of votes in favour of the $MUSIC integration on Kucoin. And, as you'll probably have noticed, Xemurai is a real locomotive on Steemit and social networks 😄

Kurt, there hasn't been any mention of that initiative on the Forum till now cause it's a very recent one, and that Xemurai (who, by the way, has become a Musicoin Ambassador!) proposed it first on the Musicoin Slack channel.

And @metkraming, of cooouurse, let's share the move as widely as we can! 😄

Be assured we

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Ecco qui un interessante post da Steemit : Musicoin la blockchain al servizio dell'arte

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Musicoin artists George Moutafis and Kyriaki Vidali playing at the vamos jazz july festival.
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Thanks for your precise feedback George (@spidola)!

This is the only way for our common platform to improve - communicating and cooperating between devs and artists 🙂

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