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posted in General Discussion

Heellooo @arnaugil-13, welcome aboard and nice to Musicoin you! 🙂

Yes, like @Zeljko-Stanojkovski mentioned, we’re around 20 Ambassadors submitting the names of Musicoiners of whom the music pleases us. I’d say it’s really hard not to be picked at some point for an artist proposing quality music, since that Ambassadors group shares a wiiide array of musical trends and practices.

Two preliminar points:

  • is your username the same here in the Forum and on the Musicoin website?;
  • to be selected you need to have released on the platform a minimum of 4 tracks.

Looking forward to listen to your creations 😄

posted in русский

It would be good to also publish in the Russian folder on this forum. Thank you for your insight in to the Russian soul!!!)))

posted in русский

@metkraming Thanks a lot. I will check it all out)))

posted in Musicians and Music

very nice music you got there… 🙂 🙂

posted in General Discussion

Did it and linked 1 track of mine from my musicoin profile… shared it also in facebook etc… i hope for many people to see it and participate… 🙂

posted in Musicians and Music

congrats … nice artwork too

posted in Musicians and Music

gongrats @alexworld 🙂

posted in VOTE for ARTIST of the WEEK! (Week 41)

Roger Rocha got my vote… love the music… 🙂

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