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@Ijatz-Guatemala Don’t worry it will not exceed daily supply, and yes, it’s stored in the “streaming pool”. ☺

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Hey Solar, we fixed this bug in our latest release at, could you please download it from there? Thanks!

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Hello everyone 🙂

We are considering to make adaptive Pay-Per-Play payment to be around 0.01 USD per stream as the price of coin is bellow that price level for some time and we still wanna pay most competitive industry rates.

It would mean that instead of paying 1MC, 2MC or 3MC would be issued for every stream.
And with the price going up PPP will be decreased.

But before doing that we wanna hear your opinion, so let’s have a discussion and see what community think about this Idea. 🙂

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@Stevee It can be done from “My Profile” by clicking on “Set/change your email or password” and completing the task. But we need to be sure that password meets requirements.
The password should be at least 10 characters long and must also contain one uppercase, one lowercase, one numerical and one special character. ☺

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@Rainy-Cello TOS are on the site .
Continuing to use site means agreeing to Terms of Service ☺

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Nice. Very enjoyable piece 🎸

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