Profile page shows earnings to everybody

  • @neon-insect i totally agree to that. And these options would be perfect. So everyone can chose what he is most comfortable with.
    I myself have mixed feelings about everyone can see my earnings.

  • Aaactually....I have a second idea for this.
    Well..let's say - an Idea that is related to this.
    Actually, it isn't even my idea, because people are doing this all over the place, but just let's pretend for the sake of why not.

    Fundraising Progression

    In my previous post in this thread, I suggested "weekly/monthly" option. An additional option could be "fundraising". I mean...the name is pretty much self-explanatory, but it is especially interesting for musicians. We have projects going on every time. Be it a new album in production, preparing an upcoming tour or just have the option to say: "Hey, I need this much coins to pay my food."

    There is always a need to get friends and fans involved into the project we are working on, to not lose their interest and I think with this, such an interaction would be a huge argument for musicoin as a platform to support artists. could it look like:

    Think of kickstarter maybe. The artist sets a goal of whatever he needs. And we have a live progress bar on track and artist page, so the listener can immediately see, that he has an impact.

    Setting up a fundraiser could be an option along with my previous suggestion of "altime/monthly/weekly" earnings.

  • @remo-fiore In my humble opinion, it's better to keep it for every single track - how much it earned but only in coins - no $ or whatever.
    And for artists it's better to reduce for a week or month only.
    I think transparency is a very rare thing now, and it has to be kept as long as ever possible.
    In other way around, it seems to be a good proof for real artists' and tracks' ratings, not paid by producers or whoever - I hope you know what I mean (no offence intended). But let the ratings be crystal clear and depend on plays only.
    So maybe just making possibility to hide tips if artist don't want it'll be seen will solve this issue...?

  • @remo-fiore I agree with you. In fact I think it's a major problem which will keep major artists from joining the platform. First of all it's the kind of information that the more successful you are, the less you'd want people to know. Also it makes the platform appear to be about digital busking which has potential to appear amateur. Not a good look. It may well be the downfall of Musocoin unfortunately as there is a lot of competition to be the number 1 blockchain music platform and listeners will naturally be drawn to the major players and bigger crowds. I would like to see Musicoin succeed and be a part of that.

  • @im Oh it's not a complaint it's just a thought. I was just wondering about it more than anything, I would like to know what other people think about it.

  • @stoneygate yep that's exactly what I was wondering - Thank you!

    So the other day when I had
    391 in my wallet (upper right corner)
    200 on profile (right beside follows and tips, to the right side)
    88 on track page

    That was 88 from track plays
    200 from tips (112) + track plays (88)
    391 from tips & plays (200) + referrals & sign up bonus (191)
    I don't know exactly how many coins per referral but that explains it
    (if there were 4 referrals it was about 50 coins per referral that's really nice!

    I'm assuming the other question of showing HOW MANY MC earned,
    is that it remains there regardless of transactions, to give us a sense of achievement, even when we withdraw funds, and to give fans and peers a sense of what we've been able to do with their support

    P.S. I posted an embeddable Musicoin playlist today (BETA while the devs make a real official one),
    and I posted instructions on how to customize it, in the forum

  • @khaiim Not sure it answers what you're asking, but if you've used a recommend-a-friend invite, then your referral bonus doesn't appear on your profile page MC count. So, when you add up what's in your desktop wallet and your wallet in the top right it will be more than your profile page total if you've had a referral bonus.

  • @stoneygate I know what you mean.

    This is both the conflict and the attraction of Musicoin.

    For people who aren't in the community yet, they can think you made more than you did.
    This is an example of ignorance, being costly, and hopefully the inflated value they see will compel them to get more active in the community, but... if they don't, does it really matter to us? I don't mean this in a mean way though ☺ I just mean, if it's confusing to US, users of the platform, then it would be misleading, but with the forum and being active, we figure it out pretty quick.

    But people who are active in the community like us, know that it's

    1. Only based on how many coins you've EVER earned
    2. That if you "HODL"ed the coin til now you could make the current rate
    3. Compels us to HODL the coin longer maybe?

    IT IS possible to make the code so that the recalculated $usd amount shows the

    previously withdrawn coin with $usd value AT TIME OF withdraw
    PLUS unwithdrawn coin with current $usd value
    EQUALS currently displayed $usd

    but.... this would become confusing in many other ways, which I won't list here, but most importantly on that list would be that people would be wondering why "SOME PEOPLE" have less money per coin than others... LOL

    The only really simple solution I see to this whole question is...
    Just show the coins earned with NO dollar value.
    AND the good news is as crypto currency becomes more mainstream that will probably happen as the $USD won't matter that much

    But for now...
    Part of what's helping people use crypto and musicoin, is being able to compare the $USD on other platforms to the $MC here. For example
    right now on spotify I might get $2 for 1000 streams,
    but on musicoin I might get $7 for 100 streams.

    That's really easy to explain to those who don't yet get crypto, many people don't even understand what bitcoin is lol

  • @soundphaser I tend to agree with you there, or even show the amount earned during that given day and then zeroing it out day by day. Obviously, the full amount would be shown to the artist when they view their own profile page.

  • haha @remo-fiore just want to say I love the curious, honest, and candid tone of your posts... my favorite so far was when you ended with "... but that may be overdoing it" hahahah Awesome posts

  • @neon-insect Sounds interesting.

  • I specifically want to highlight an issue in showing coins / currency / value / activity that's confusing to me:

    This is probably just cause I'm new so please clarify this for me lol

    As of this post I have
    391 in my wallet (upper right corner)
    200 on profile (right beside follows and tips, to the right side)
    88 on track page

    I understand that the 88 is JUST from that track

    But what is the difference between the 200 on the profile and the 391 in my wallet?

    Also, going back to our previous discussion,
    If I exchange musicoin from my wallet, to make a withdrawal
    will it effect the
    1. upper right corner amount 391?
    (I'm guessing "yes duh" lol)

    2. profile header amount 200
    (this number either means all time coins earned OR all time coins REMAINING)
    regardless of whether we toggle all time / this month / week /day, the question would still be whether this is remaining unwithdrawn or earned regardless of withdrawal

    3. track page amount 88
    (I'm assuming this would be the same answer as 2, I think most artists would like to see their track MC number ONLY go up, I'd hate to see someone with 2000 plays on a track, drop down to 24, because they made a withdrawal)

    Sorry if this is a simple question. thanks for your time and clarifying!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I think it's very misleading to show the earnings in $USD to everyone. The main reason for this is that it appears to be recalculating your total MC earnings over all time, based on the current value of $MUSIC. Let's say that you have earned 1000 MC now, and withdrawn them to USD when they are worth $0.10 each, so you earned $100 less fees. Later, the value of $MUSIC increases to $1.0 each (we can hope!) - it looks like the profile page will display $1000 which makes you look way richer than you are, and doesn't take account of the fact you already had to use the real amount of approx $100 to pay your bills a long time ago, lol.

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