Account Verification Taking For Ever...

  • Hey! So just to clear a few things up... This post is not related directly to me, I fortunately had my account verified in good time. This post is for someone who reached out to me asking for help. I just started a twitter "Music Coin Promotions" page with the intentions of helping promote the community and bringing on board more musicians who may not know of music coin yet. I recently had an already existing musicoin artist (non-verrified) private message me with a link to his profile. I payed to listen to his song and it was really good. I informed him that he was not verified and should do so, he told me that he linked a bunch of accounts last week and is not sure what to do from here... i checked and he has linked a bunch of social media accounts. I was hoping i could help speed up this fellows verification process by posting the issue here and hoping a moderator sees it and checks in on the situation. I promised this fellow id help him.
    Can somebody look into this?

    Profile In Question:

    Really Appreciate Any Help From Mods. 🙂

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